My Tribe

My TribeYou are my tribe. The people who visit me here. You are the people who hear me, understand my intention, collectively nod along with words that resonate inside you. First, I wanted to say thank you, and then, I want to know more about you.

When I started this blog, I had no grand vision or theme. My only intention was to be brave enough to write what I was truly thinking and feeling. To write it cohesively for an audience. Of course I wanted to write it well–with honesty, sincerity and as much insight as I could manage. Over the year and a half some themes have emerged. Themes where my heart and mind tend to wonder. This is my 100th post, and in the 99 previous posts, the more prominent themes have been spirituality, fear, love, anxiety, letting go, relationships, yoga, and, of course, modern motherhood.

I never would have known these things occupy my thoughts had I not written them here. And what a gift that has been. In the process of writing those things I have freed myself from some of the most burdensome thoughts. Because I believe thoughts have power and possess energy and when they are harmful, they can harm the host. I’ve laid down some of my most harmful thoughts here, with you, and I am much lighter for it. So thank you.

I believe that the power of thought works in positive ways too. I hope I have shared some of my more uplifting ideas as well; thoughts that have proliferated with you, helped you, made you think or feel and want more for your life. If I have one true goal in life, it is that: to inject positive thoughts into the world. To let people know they’re not alone and have nothing to fear.

In my time here I have also come to realize who I might represent:

Anyone who fights everyday to overcome where they came from. Those who think a little too much, feel a little too deep, love a little too hard and hope a lot too high. (Although I don’t believe those are real or possible things.) Those who have dreams and refuse to let them die no matter what their past says, their future bears, or how the people they love, feel. Everyone who believes there’s a better way and is committed to finding it. Those of us who refuse to numb our lives, and when we do (because we all do), have the awareness to acknowledge it and the courage to share it.

I represent all the compulsive, impulsive, thought-filled, laid-back-hippies who believe the only thing you need is love.

I represent the affirmation believers, the hang a scripture on my mirror people, the Om your heart out, fear-conquering, light-following tribe of never-stop-believers.

The deep thinkers. The heavy feelers. The lover of words and believers in the goodness and oneness of all people.

Because that’s who I am, and I suspect, who you are too.

My content will always be thought-inspiring, fearless and sitting right up next to my heart. I write in that tender space and I like it there. It’s warm and wonderfully terrifying. My intention with this post is to know a little more about you. Some of you comment with regularity and I have visited your spaces, too. Others just listen and I understand that as well. But if there is something here that I’ve missed; some aspect of my writing or my content or its resonance, please let me know.

Ultimately, I want to know: why are YOU here?

17 thoughts on “My Tribe

  1. I am here because a friend told me about your writing and how it spoke to her. I am grateful, because your words speak to me, too. In my short time reading, I’ve been inspired by your bravery and honesty – which helps me carry those feelings over to my writing. So thank you.

    If I had to choose one of the best lines up there? This one –> “Those who think a little too much, feel a little too deep, love a little too hard and hope a lot too high. (Although I don’t believe those are real or possible things.)”. I’m with you.

  2. I’m here because you write for me, and to me. And because my heart hurts so much of the time, and somehow you seem to have conquered yours (some of the time, anyway). You seem to have come from something and let the light in, and I want to let the light into my dark places.

    I come here and read because days like today (weeks like this week) when I’ve got nothing but tears, you always bring out a smile, offer gentleness or hope somehow.

    Because your existence means someone can grapple with anxiety, regret, fear, pain — and come through it whole and hopeful.

    And I read here because I’m in the beginning stages of exploring spirituality, and I think your writing crossed my path just as I finally opened the door to that exploration, because I do believe in cosmic timing, and the timing was right to hear what you have to say.

    And sometimes I’m here because I have nearly grown children and you have toddlers and maybe I can share back a tiny bit with you my perspective and experience, or at least commiserate or laugh or smile with you at your children’s antics and escapades!

    But yeah. Your lines about who you think you write to — you are bang on the mark. I am all of those things — “Anyone who fights everyday to overcome where they came from. Those who think a little too much, feel a little too deep…. Those who have dreams and refuse to let them die no matter what their past says…. Everyone who believes there’s a better way and is committed to finding it. Those of us who refuse to numb their life, and when they do (because we all do), have the awareness to acknowledge it and the courage to share it.”

    I lived an entire adulthood in a numbed life, but I am not any more, and I feel like a toddler myself all over again.

    • That brought tears to my eyes and if I’m correct, that isn’t the first time you’ve done that. Thank you Linda. If I am a testament to anything, it is that if you are not afraid to look at your life, pull back the curtains and show the less flattering parts… then you can move forward… and not just forward… but up.

      • Hah, yes, I seem to be good at inducing tears in you (but I think not in a bad way, and it always makes me happy that my words had that much meaning).

        I know lives have rhythm and ebb and flow, and there are valleys that we come through — all of us. Extended valleys are tough, but I appreciate that your light shines into mine occasionally.

        I’m sure it must feel strange to throw your words out into the world the way you do, and wonder at all the various readers and how they are received, so I’m glad for a chance to say thank you. To say, yes, you have an impact. Which is what any writer — what any human — wants to know, right?

  3. Hi Shannon,

    I’m here because you mentioned marriage struggles. I am struggling, too. In a way that cannot be discussed with family or friends. I look around at others and think their lives are so much better, happier, and fuller. I suppose (or I like to think that they are) they are acting. You’re not and I appreciate that.

    • This one strikes my core. This past year was a difficult year for my marriage and I tried to be honest and truthful in my posts while being respectful to all involved. At times I didn’t succeed. But I realized that Truth is a murky and slippery thing when two people’s stories are involved.

      Things have turned around for us and I’m still trying to deconstruct why. I hope to be able to write more when I have gained more distance, and therefore perspective.

      For now, I’m sorry for your troubles. You are not alone. Wishing you all the best and thank you for writing. ~S

  4. I am here because whenever I read what you share I come away relieved, grateful, less alone, lifted up, spilling over with thoughts. That’s what I call good writing, and a safe place too. Thank you. xox

  5. Shannon, I reference your blog all the time. I have heard people say, “Oh, yeah, like your friend, Shannon said…” Ha! :) Truly, so many of your posts have incited an ‘A-Ha’ moment for me.

    I find it refreshing that you are not trying to conform yourself, rather understand yourself.

    Your writing is beautiful, your language poetic at times. There is soul-scratching, raw, unabashed feelings fueling every post.

    So, thank YOU for sharing.

    • I never know whose listening here and when you say that other people reference my thoughts, it’s kinda of astounding to hear. My whole life I have asked God to use me, that has been my only prayer. “God, please guide me to my purpose.” I have always felt strongly about wanting to help people see the world differently. I get goosebumps when people say, “I’ve never thought of it that way.” To me, that means a new pathway was built in their brain for deeper meaning and there has been no greater gift in my life than that of introspection and finding meaning.

      Thank you Heather, all the best to you. ~S

  6. I admire your beautiful writing because you share from your heart and I can feel your amazing ability to learn, grow, and love on every single one of your posts. You are very much younger than I (I’m 64 years old), and yet what you share always resonates deeply for me. It reminds me about how wonderful it is to be with people of all ages and backgrounds because there is always an element of everyone else’s life and circumstances that, although we are different, we are truly so much the same. If only we can be mindful, listen carefully to others, and give to others in whatever way we can, we help to create a more beautiful place to be. You do that, Shannon, and I thank you for that, you beautiful lady!

    • Marlene! Thank you so much. I believe we all have wisdom to share, no matter the age. I’m grateful that you can find so much from my words. Truly, and honestly.

  7. Yet again I can totally echo everything that Linda said, as well as most of what Marlene said (except that I’m 44 years old). I also believe in “cosmic timing” because (so very often) your post is exactly what I needed to read, to help me through and up!

    I started a blog last year, but I’ve abandoned it for a long time because I stopped feeling that I had anything relevant to say. This post has reminded me of why I started writing in the first place … for much of the same reasons you did!

    You have reminded me that I just need to go back to “that tender space” and share my truth, without fear, because I have “Tribe Members” out there who DO understand!!

    THANK YOU!! Namaste’.

  8. Shannon, I read your blog because I enjoy the gut-level honesty to your writing. I enjoy your sarcasm, and even though my kids are older than yours, I remember those years only too well.

    With my own blog (nearing 18 months on one, 6 months on the other), I often struggle with whether or not what I decide to write resonates with anyone. Then, just when I think I may as well just stop, someone will approach me (at the store or at the kids school…)and say, “loved your post last week”, or “your book was so valuable to me”. And I, like you, understand God has purpose to my writing.

    I will continue to read your work, commenting on the most relevant posts that strike a chord with me. There is a reason you continue to be driven to write, I feel the same way!

    It’s a beautiful gift to be able to use your thoughts, feelings, creative words to touch another’s heart!

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