Global Consiousness… It’s Totally Significantly, Significant

Holy shit you guys, my brain just exploded. I ran across this tonight. WAIT! Don’t click it just yet. (That’s what she said. ;-) ) First, let me explain.

That link is to a static page from a Princeton University website. It explains an experiment that took place between 1998-2002 that attempted to measure global consciousness. It uses these little machines that look like power strips with no plug-ins called Random Event Generators (REGs). They were placed in different spots in the world and over a four-year period they measured electric pulses, static, wave lengths (things having to do with energy) and from these measurements, they produced a random set of numbers. When major events happened, (such as September 11th), these RANDOM Event Generators went all NOT RANDOM AT ALL.

Basically, when there was something that galvanized human thought and emotion, these REG’s showed there was definitely something going on energetically in the atmosphere to the point that it was statistically significant (which is science speak for, “why yes, these two things really do have something in common and complicated, irrefutable mathematical statistics proves it.”)

Remember how I was saying WE. ARE. ALL. JUST. ENERGY??

When I was in the eighth grade a friend and I ran across an article about mind reading. The article said that if you concentrated hard enough with another person, you could communicate telepathically. The article gave guided instructions on how to do this by guessing what color another person was thinking. To an eighth grade girl this stuff is like sour patch kids and full-sugar soda, totally irresistable. I remember sitting in a doorway entrance of our middle school waiting to be picked up from school when we tested this theory. We sat facing each other with our palms touching like the article suggested. When it came time for me to guess the color she was thinking, it totally freaking worked!!! It not only worked once, but it worked several times!!! Our little 13-year-old minds were sufficiently blown and we thought we were witches. Of course we used our powers for good and went about trying to get certain boys to like us (which I hate to say never really worked), but ever since that innocent, mind-reading experiment, I’ve been fascinated by the reality of this idea.

Fast forward seven years and you get to the part where I’m in college working as an intern for a television station. On one of the most boring morning shows known to man, at an ungodly hour wherein only birds should be awake, I was operating a teleprompter. I can’t remember the guest’s name, but the topic was consciousness (back before consciousness was cool). Whatever this guy said got me so intrigued that I went to the lecture he was promoting that evening. There, he had one of these Random Event Generators. At one point he asked the audience to simultaneously think positive thoughts and then watch the REG in action. It worked! Right before my very eyes this little machine fluctuated solely based on the collective consciousness in the room. But I didn’t believe it because of what I saw. I believed it because of what I felt. As I sat there in this room with 30-40 like-minded individuals all thinking positive thoughts, I felt the air change around me. All the sudden, I felt happier, more peaceful, at ease and at the risk of sounding like a total hippy… totally one with the universe dude. Consequently, it’s the same thing I feel at a really kick ass yoga class. If you pay attention, the feeling is real, it’s palpable, it’s irrefutable, it’s emotionally significant.

This single, anonymous, lonely, non-linking-to-anything-else-on-the-whole-Internet, web page, just proved something I’ve always believed, but could never prove with science. Yes, my mind is statistically, emotionally, significantly, sufficiently, blown.

There IS a collective conscience in this world. We are all a part of it. We are all connected through it. Because we are all just energy. Because WE. ARE. ALL.

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